27 May 2024 / News

Accent Bias and the Myth of Comprehensibility

Earlier this year, I was at a high-end store in Greenwich, Connecticut, and as I was shopping, a salesperson approached...
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24 May 2024 / News

Actor told he’d need to lose his Scouse accent says Liverpool is actually a big asset

An actor who was once told he’d never work unless he lost his Scouse accent says Liverpool is actually an...
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22 May 2024 / News

This New AI Tool Could Have Made Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Napoleon’ Sound French

Audio dubbing company Deepdub has launched "Accent Control," which allows filmmakers to tweak an actor's voice into any accent. Read...
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20 May 2024 / News

Fundy baby voice-shaming

Back in 2016, you may recall, there was an explosion of disparaging commentary about Hillary Clinton’s voice. It was shrill, people...
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17 May 2024 / News

U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights Reminds Schools of Their Legal Obligation to Address Discrimination Against Muslim, Arab, Sikh, South Asian, Hindu, and Palestinian Students

“Schools that receive federal financial assistance from the Department have a responsibility to address discrimination against students, including Muslim, Arab,...
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17 May 2024 / Dissemination & public engagement, News

CIRCE Upcoming event 

Join us on Friday 24 May 2024 at 14.30 CEST, and listen to the invited talk by influencer Samuele Brusca...
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15 May 2024 / News

‘Bengali Cockney, Black Cockney, East End Cockney, Essex Cockney, Jewish Cockney, Sylheti Cockney’: why community languages matter

In response to a community petition, Tower Hamlets council in east London has designated Cockney as a “community language”. This...
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13 May 2024 / News

Exploring the linguistics and social perceptions of Andalusian Spanish

Spanish speakers may associate Andalusian Spanish, the dialect spoken in Southern Spain, with underdevelopment and lower educational attainment, leading to...
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18 March 2024 / News

‘It didn’t stop me’: pushing beyond discriminatory remarks from customers to champion inclusivity

“Working in the reservations department and taking bookings via the phone was a daunting experience, as some guests were not...
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16 February 2024 / News

“Just Get Rid of It”: Hollywood’s Accent Problem

To what extent having an accent influences the career of an actor? Go to news
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