13 February 2024 / News

Speaking in a local accent might make social robots seem more trustworthy and competent, say scientists

How should social robots talk? Some research suggests that people like robots to use a familiar accent or dialect, while...
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9 February 2024 / News

How TikTok created a new accent – and why it might be the future of English

People on TikTok have developed a specific accent - would you recognise it if you heard it? Go to news
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2 February 2024 / News

Why French regional accents are rare on TV

France lags behind the UK and US where local accents have been encouraged to breakthrough in media, says expert. Go...
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30 January 2024 / News

Clients have complained to my manager about my Scottish accent – some people say they’re racist, but others insist I should talk slower

A Scottish woman who has faced criticism from clients over her accent has sought advice on how to deal with...
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26 January 2024 / News

Scottish postman loses accent discrimination tribunal

A Scottish postman was not racially discriminated against by an English colleague who repeatedly told him he couldn’t understand what...
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26 January 2024 / News

Stop stereotyping Appalachian accents

“My accent does not diminish my intelligence, nor does it give anyone permission to treat me like a caricature for...
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16 January 2024 / News

Transplanted to the US as a child, two accents seemed like a great idea. Until my first playdate

A testimonial of the intricate relationship between accent and identity. Go to testimonial
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12 January 2024 / Dissemination & public engagement, News

New dissemination events

On the last 29 November 2023, Rosalba Nodari and Claudia Soria introduced accent discrimination and the CIRCE project to one...
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9 January 2024 / News

UK cop convicted of gross misconduct for mimicking woman’s Indian accent

A policeman has been convicted of gross misconduct in the UK for mimicking the Indian accent of a woman who...
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5 January 2024 / News

Accent Discrimination: Drawing Attention to An Invisible Minority

Read a testimonial about the impact that comments on accent can have on personal life. Go to testimonial
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