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12 Juna 2024 / News

Sofia Vergara says her accent will never allow her to play a scientist or astronaut

Sofia Vergara, 51, says that her accent hinders her ability to play certain roles onscreen. Read more.
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10 Juna 2024 / News

No bad accents in Apple’s Acapulco: why multilingual TV is good for everyone

There are some encouraging signs linguistic diversity is finally being portrayed in a more faithful and respectful manner. Read more.
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7 Juna 2024 / News

Gad Saad: Don't insult our accents! And other lessons from the Quebec cancel mob

An example of the degree of acceptability of accent shaming. Read more.
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5 Juna 2024 / News

‘I know how they feel, the fear of speaking because of their strong accents’

"I was so self-aware of my language barrier that I hid my Italian accent as much as I could." Read...
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3 Juna 2024 / News

The affliction of an accent: Amelia Coburn on various ignorances of north-east accent bias

“I came across Amelia Coburn on the radio this week: sounds pretty good, although the lower class northern accent doesn’t...
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31 Maja 2024 / News

We speak the same language

For the longest time, I felt like I had no voice, because the one I had would get ridiculed. Read...
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29 Maja 2024 / News

Accent bias and language discrimination in the creative industries

Accents and use of language are often seen (mistakenly) as a marker of class, level of education and socio-economic background. Creative...
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29 Maja 2024 / Dissemination & public engagement, News

Samuele Brusca “What makes a “good” accent. Un raro caso in cui non bisogna scegliere”.

On Friday 24 May 2024 at 14.30 CEST, influencer Samuele Brusca gave an invited talk "What makes a "good" accent....
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27 Maja 2024 / News

Accent Bias and the Myth of Comprehensibility

Earlier this year, I was at a high-end store in Greenwich, Connecticut, and as I was shopping, a salesperson approached...
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24 Maja 2024 / News

Actor told he’d need to lose his Scouse accent says Liverpool is actually a big asset

An actor who was once told he’d never work unless he lost his Scouse accent says Liverpool is actually an...
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