Il codice di condotta di CIRCE

CIRCE’s Code of Conduct

The CIRCE Code of Conduct provides general ethical principles on how CIRCE Members should operate during fieldwork, meetings, publication, conferences, events, committee and other work, mentoring relationships, and in all online spaces including (but not limited to) CIRCE social media accounts and websites. You can download the current versions of the Code of Conduct by clicking on the links below.

Authors: Silvia Calamai. Translation into Bosnian by Amna Brdarević-Čeljo and Vildana Dubravac. Translation into German by Philipp Meer. Translation into Portuguese by Laura Melgão.

Languages: English, Italian, Bosnian, German, Portuguese

CIRCE Data Management Plan (v. 0.1)

This document provides the initial outline for the Data Management Plan of the project, covering all pertinent aspects that have been addressed and planned up to month 8 in the project’s development.

Languages: English

Version 0.0 of the DMP has been published on Zenodo and can be accessed via the following link: CIRCE’s DMP v0.0